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February 04 2018

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Sunday mornings.

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just my morning stretches :) [oc] http://tiny.cc/cgswiy

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January 30 2018

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And one I guess is very close to Sarah style (for @sarahtimpson)

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And being a little playful let’s try something personal - @sarahtimpson. It may be “Sareh style” or it might not but no matter what I love this photo and girl and dress and atmosphere and pure enjoyment there … and concerning Sarah: a sort of tribute - she inspired me often and it would make me happy if I can inspire back, now or sometime

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Get control of it girl….lol @sarahtimpson

January 28 2018

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Do you like watching me suck your cock?

Do you like watching my lips slide over the head and how it feels as your cock enters my mouth?

Do you like how my fingers hold your cock?

Do you like how I look up into your eyes as I slide my mouth up and down your cock?

Do you like how your cock glistens as it glides out of my warm wet mouth?

Do you like how I slowly stroke you with my hand as I’m sucking your cock?

Do you like how I moan, mmmmmmmm, as I’m enjoying sucking cock?

Do you like how it feels when I make you cum in my mouth?

Do you like how I never stop sucking as you flood my mouth until I’ve swallowed every last drop of your delicious cum?

Do you like how I lick your cock clean afterwards?

Do you like knowing that it won’t be too long until I will want your cock in my mouth all over again?

Well do you? 💋

Y E       S

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Minnie peeks out x x x

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Waiting for Sarah xxxx

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